Cancer Control Implementation Science Base Camp: Train the Trainer Toolkit

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The George Washington (GW) Cancer Center developed this Implementation Science training to help Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) Program and coalitions implement evidence-based interventions (EBIs).

Use this toolkit to advance EBIs with your coalition.

Steps to Offer the CCISBC Training

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Step 1: Assess your current need for and capacity to deliver a Base Camp style training 

  • Complete the Capacity Worksheet with the team hoping to conduct the training 
  • Brainstorm the ideal timeline to start the training if the group decides to move forward 
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Step 2: Identify a coordinator from your program and/ or coalition 

  • Select someone who has completed the CCISBC training and possesses the necessary skills to plan, instruct and facilitate 
  • Ensure the coordinator completes the Coordination Worksheet included in this toolkit 
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Step 3: Define the audience of learners 

  • Explore and determine how the CCISBC training fits into the CCC program’s current work plan and coalition’s cancer plan implementation efforts 
  • Complete the Recruitment Worksheet included in this toolkit 
  • Adapt communication templates (flyers/ emails) based on clarified definition of audience
  • Consider using existing recruitment videos such as these to advertise the training:
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Step 4: Review the GW Cancer Center Academy as a user  

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Step 5: Complete the Communication Worksheet 

  • Create a timeline for communication 
  • Develop a communication plan for the training
  • Decide who will lead which communication tasks and by when
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Step 6: Complete the Interactive Learning Worksheet 

  • Design facilitation techniques
  • Optimize learner engagement
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Step 7: Complete the Panel Worksheet 

  • Review Module Six on "Facilitating Implementation" within the Online Academy training 
  • Select an intervention topic to focus on within your own panel
  • Make decisions about the logistics of your panel
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Step 8: Complete the Evaluation Worksheet

Companion Guide (PDF)

Implementation Blueprint (PDF)

Train the Trainer Implementation Tools

The GW Cancer Center has developed numerous tools to address implementation needs, including worksheets, presentations, and surveys. All parts of this toolkit can be adapted to fit your specific needs. These tools are intended to serve as a starting point to help address reported needs.

Toolkit Worksheets
Training Slides

Module 1:  Introduction to Implementation Science (PPTX)

Module 7:  Evaluation (PPTX)
Module Surveys

Funding Acknowledgement

This toolkit was supported by Cooperative Agreement #NU58DP006461-05 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services, nor does the mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

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