Collaboration and Engagement

December 23, 2022
This planning tool is designed to help build a state-based coalition to support the goals of the National Lung Cancer Roundtable.
October 12, 2022
Talking Health: A New Way to Communicate About Public Health provides new research-based tools to help health professionals communicate more effectively about public health, strengthen community partnerships, and improve health outcomes.
October 12, 2022
This webinar was the second in the 4-part series, “Rural Inclusion in Comprehensive Cancer Control Planning”, designed to help Comprehensive Cancer Control Programs, coalitions, and partners meaningfully include rural in their planning processes.
August 18, 2022
SelfMade Health Network “Healthier Nation” Fact Sheets can be used while developing or enhancing partnerships with Chambers of Commerce, businesses, labor unions, small business associations, and minority-owned businesses, as well as other major stakeholders committed to reducing committed to…
July 7, 2022
These resources from Human Impact Partners guide health departments through the why and how of partnering with Community Power-Building Organizations (CPBOs) to advance health equity, via four guides with activities to build capacity and lay the groundwork for power sharing partnerships.
July 7, 2022
Participants in this workshop discussed the Assessing Community Engagement Conceptual Model, which demonstrates how meaningful community engagement can lead to strengthened relationships and alliances, expanded knowledge, improved health and health care programs and policies, and thriving…
June 9, 2022
During this moderated discussion on engaging survivors in comprehensive cancer control coalitions, our panelists had a lively conversation about recruiting methods, engagement, and overcoming barriers.
December 9, 2021
The Center for Sharing Public Health Services has created this Roadmap to help guide public health departments interested in sharing resources with other health departments or organizations.
November 16, 2021
This 30-minute self-paced course from the Region IV Public Health Training Center focuses on the 10 PHRASES (Public Health Reaching Across Sectors) framing recommendations and four framing tools.
November 10, 2021
The CDC Community Health Improvement Navigator (CHI Navigator) is a website for people who lead or participate in CHI work within hospitals and health systems, public health agencies, and other community organizations. It is a one-stop-shop that offers community stakeholders expert-vetted tools and…