LinkedIn Guidelines

LinkedIn is the largest online network for working professionals (Arizona State University ,n.d.). For health communication campaigns, this can be useful engaging with those in the healthcare industry. Use these simple LinkedIn guidelines as part of a coordinated plan for your social media presence:   

  • Use a call to action to engage readers, like “find out more” (York, 2016a).
  • Keep your organization’s profile up-to-date. Profiles with complete information get 30% more weekly views (LinkedIn, n.d.).
  • Post consistently. Ensure that your posts contain an image or other media to help  increase engagement (LinkedIn, n.d.).
  • Focus on practical and informative visuals (York, 2016a). Posting your own photos and photos of faces is generally more effective than other types of images (Brill, 2020).
  • Share content relevant to your professional network and provide value to your target audience (Top Dog Social Media, n.d.). Directly uploading PDFs or short videos instead of links work well within the LinkedIn algorithm (Brill, 2020).
  • Increase engagement by creating longer posts or posts with six or more pictures on LinkedIn, so that users are encouraged to click to “see more”. Once people click, LinkedIn considers your content more engaging and they will share it with more of your followers (Brill, 2020).
  • Use up to three hashtags to link to the larger conversation (Brill, 2020). Before using, search the hashtag within LinkedIn to find the hashtags with the most followers and posts.
  • Consider reviewing Reddit or Quora to know what content might make interesting LinkedIn posts for your audience (Brill, 2020).


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