Online Academy

The George Washington University (GW) Cancer Center's Online Academy offers a number of training and education opportunities for health care and public health professionals to help advance patient-centered care and evidence-based public heath practice. Trainings are no-cost and accessible to clinicians and cancer control professionals across the country. 

The GW Cancer Center offers the following courses that may be relevant for comprehensive cancer control professionals:

Action for Policy, Systems and Environmental (PSE) Change: A Training

This training explores PSE change, from its evidence base to a full-length case study.

Cancer Control Implementation Science Base Camp

This training is designed to support comprehensive cancer control program and coalition staff, along with their project partners, in advancing evidence-based interventions using implementation science concepts. 

Cancer Survivorship E-Learning Series

This series provides a forum to educate providers who may have patients who are cancer survivors about how to better understand and care for survivors in the primary care setting.

Cancer Survivorship Care Guidelines for Peripheral Neuropathy, Fertility Preservation and Osteoporosis Management

This training will introduce learners to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) cancer survivorship care guidelines for adult survivors with nonmetastatic disease.

Communication Training for Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) Professionals 101: Media Planning and Media Relations

This training walks participants through the process of media planning, creating media-friendly materials and building relationships with journalists.

Communication Training for Comprehensive Cancer Control Professionals 102: Making Communication Campaigns Evidence-Based

This training is the second of a two-part series on cancer control communication and walks through how to develop, implement and evaluate communication campaigns.

Financial Navigation Lesson for Oncology Patient Navigators

This training describes current evidence on drivers of financial toxicity, shares mitigation strategies and resources that prepare and equip patient navigators to effectively address financial toxicity. 

Oncology Patient Navigator Training: The Fundamentals

This competency-based training prepares patient navigators to effectively address barriers to care for cancer patients and survivors.

Sexual Health and Cancer Survivorship

Learn how different cancer treatments can affect sexual health, identify tools for sexual health evaluation in cancer patients and upon completion, and understand strategies to mitigate cancer treatment-related sexual health issues.

Together, Equitable, Accessible, Meaningful (TEAM) Training

This training aims to provide health care professionals with knowledge and strategies to support patient-provider communication and employ culturally competent practices.

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