Cancer Plan Development

This article addresses the factors to consider when developing rural-relevant goals, objectives, and strategies for a comprehensive cancer control plan. 
This article addresses sources of evidence-based strategies for use in comprehensive cancer control planning.
This webinar provided best practices for developing goals, objectives, and strategies that address both the unique challenges and strengths of rural communities.
This webinar from the Geographic Health Equity Alliance is designed to help Comprehensive Cancer Control Programs, coalitions, and partners meaningfully include rural in their planning processes.
The purpose of this survivorship report is to present a national snapshot of the current state of cancer survivorship in the U.S., including what we know about the health status, needs and disparities among survivors.
To help states better align their goals and activities with various national public health priorities and indicators, the GW Cancer Institute created a State Cancer Plans Priority Alignment Tool that summarizes top priorities and can be used as a guide for goal setting at the state and local levels…
This section of the Cancer Coalition Basics summarizes ways that comprehensive cancer control (CCC) coalitions can implement their state's cancer control plan goals.
This Cancer Coalition Basics section covers tasks that take place during CCC plan development.