Rural Communities

This webinar address HPV vaccine disparities in rural areas.
This customizable toolkit assists patients throughout their cancer journey.
This infographic addresses barriers to care for rural populations.
This brief addresses how telehealth can be an effective way to improve access to cancer-related care for rural patients.
This webinar shared findings from interviews with comprehensive cancer control program directors regarding rural inclusion in state comprehensive cancer planning processes.
This report summarizes the findings from a roundtable series addressing the strengthening of cervical cancer prevention, screening, and management in safety-net settings.
This blog post reviews a trial that provided rural women with an interactive video of tailored messages about cancer screening plus a phone call with a patient navigator to get them up to date on cancer screenings.
Rural communities in Utah have high rates of obesity and low rates of physical activity. One of the major contributing factors to inadequate physical activity is the lack of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructures in rural communities. The Utah Cancer Control Program and its partners offered mini-…
This policy brief examines how the views of rural health stakeholders - individuals working in roles aimed at improving the lives and health of rural Americans - on the top public health priorities for rural America vary across census regions, demographic factors, and employment types.
This fact sheet will guide leaders in promoting equitable economic development in rural places across the country.