May 13, 2023
In order to increase the proportion of children in the state who were fully vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV), the Michigan Cancer Consortium developed an education campaign to promote vaccine uptake among the state’s Latino population.
May 10, 2023
"State of the Air" grades counties and ranks cities and counties based on their scores for ozone, year-round particle pollution and short-term particle pollution levels.
April 18, 2023
These social media toolkits, available in English and Spanish, provides sample posts and graphics to share the first-ever national survey of underrepresented rare disease patients and caregivers. This survey hopes to better understand their unique perspectives and experiences in accessing and…
April 7, 2023
This communications guide from the prepares organizations working toward social justice to develop a communications strategy, plan for its execution, and create a messaging framework. 
March 8, 2023
This summary focuses on how health literacy best practices might affect trust in public health institutions at the state, local, tribal, and federal levels. 
March 7, 2023
This guide supports public health communicators create messaging to advance health literacy, build trust, and promote overall community health. 
December 23, 2022
This presentation addresses strategies for implementing evidence-based interventions in cancer screening.
December 23, 2022
Face Your Health is an educational outreach program to encourage African American women to get screened for cervical cancer.
December 8, 2022
This series of videos and accompanying resources addresses strengthening cancer health equity in LGBTQ+ communities.
December 6, 2022
This site provides customizable health communication materials that are evidence-based, culturally fitting and ready to distribute.