Zoom Series: Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalitions Advancing Health Equity

December 1, 2020

The Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership (CCCNP) launched a Health Equity initiative designed to assist CCC coalitions and programs in addressing health inequities in cancer. The initiative focuses on:

  • How a coalition can advance health equity through CCC plan update processes and CCC plan implementation and
  • How a CCC coalition can look at its operations through a social justice and equity lens

As part of this effort the CCCNP has gathered a set of resources, specifically for CCC coalitions, to help coalitions learn about the issues and to take action. In addition, the CCCNP hosts a quarterly Zoom series, where we hear from experts and CCC coalitions about ways to advance health equity through CCC coalitions and plans.

The first Zoom session was held on November 12, 2020 at 3pm ET. The session featured Ms. Shonta Chambers, with the Patient Advocate Foundation served as our health equity expert and facilitator. Shonta leads the development and execution of strategic initiatives to expand PAF’s approach to achieve health equity through community and national level partnership engagement and mobilization. Two CCC coalitions shared their experiences with addressing health equity so far and future plans: Ms. Christi Cahill, Executive Director of the Colorado Cancer Coalition and Ms. Kelly Sittig, Executive Director of the Iowa Cancer Consortium.

View the Recording (password:vjH=T7Us)

View Setting the Stage (Ms. Chambers)

View How is Colorado Advancing Health Equity (Ms. Cahill)

View Institutionalizing, Learning, and Funding Equity & Inclusivity (Ms. Sittig)

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