Tools to Assess Representation and Engagement

Tip Sheet and Assessment Tool
February 14, 2023
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Tools to Assess Representation and Engagement, Tip Sheet and Assessment Tool. Screenshots of both resources included.

This Tip Sheet is part of a series offered through the Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership (CCCNP) to assist Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) coalitions assess whether they are inclusive and representative of the communities they serve when working to improve cancer outcomes in their state, tribal nation or territory. The inclusivity and equity-focused considerations were adapted from Melody Goodman’s engagement principles.

A companion assessment tool is also available to apply Tip Sheet considerations into coalition work and help a coalition measure their effectiveness in creating an inclusive and representative environment for coalition members. A coalition should work together to adapt this assessment to their specific needs. Use the questions as they appear or transfer these questions into a survey instrument (ex. SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics). 

View Tip Sheet (PDF) 

View Assessment Tool (DOC) 

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