Paying for Colorectal Cancer Screening Navigation Toolkit

Strategies for Payment and Sustainability
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Many in public health are firm believers in the power of screening navigation, but the trick is how to pay for it.  The National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable and the Colorado School of Public Health have produced a new toolkit: Paying for Colorectal Cancer Screening Patient Navigation Toolkit. The toolkit provides practical advice on paying for and sustaining colorectal cancer screening patient navigation to help health care professionals get their navigation programs on sustainable footing.  While there are no magic wand solutions, we are confident you will find this comprehensive look at how various programs have sustained their work of interest.  The content of the toolkit was drawn from published and public information about patient navigation, as well as the experiences and expertise of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, the Colorado School of Public Health, the NCCRT Patient Navigation Toolkit Advisory Committee, and over 75 people and organizations who shared their time and expertise.

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