Cancer Control Implementation Science Base Camp (2023)

Community of Practice for ongoing peer learning
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Not sure what implementation science is or how it can support your evidence-based intervention (EBI) efforts? 

Don’t worry – the GW Cancer Center’s Cancer Control Implementation Science Base Camp can help! Cancer Control Implementation Science Base Camp was designed specifically for CCC program and coalition staff to support community partners select, implement and sustain EBIs.

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Tips to make the most of this training: 

•    At your own pace, go through the Cancer Control Implementation Science Base Camp 

•    Share the training with your CCC team members 

•    Consider inviting community partners to join in your learning 

•    Join the Community of Practice to navigate EBI challenges alongside your CCC peers

2023 Community of Practice 

Ready to get started applying implementation science concepts to your EBI efforts? Why not share your woes and wins in our community of practice with people who understand – your very own CCC peers. Held monthly from February to July, each community of practice session will be facilitated by CCC staff that have already taken the course and/or helped develop its contents. Sessions, designed to be flexible to meet your evolving needs, will increase learner confidence and showcase how implementation science can uncomplicate your EBI efforts.

February 21, 2023 from 12-1pm ET 

March 21, 2023 from 12-1pm ET 

April 18, 2023 from 12-1pm ET

May 16, 2023 from 12-1pm ET 

June 20, 2023 from 12-1pm ET

July 18, 2023 from 12-1pm ET 


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